About Us

Debated Podcast is a light-hearted news and politics podcast hosted by three students of differing political views.


Conrad is a Biochemistry student studying at the University of Warwick. He is a staunch Conservative and has supported them since he first took an interest in politics at 13. He voted to leave the European Union. He is an atheist and is pretty liberal on most social issues. In his spare time, Conrad enjoys listening to music and playing guitar.


Jon is a Theology student studying at Liverpool Hope University. He voted Labour in 2015 but has drifted away from them since and is now a swing voter. He voted to leave the European Union. He is a evangelical Christian and is the most socially conservative of the three. He is also a massive fan of Star Wars and Superman.


Will is studying A-Levels at Franklin College, Grimsby. He is a long-term Labour supporter, and although not the biggest Corbyn fan is committed to supporting the party in 2020. He voted to remain in the European Union. He is an agnostic and is socially liberal. In his spare time, Will likes to watch BBC4 documentaries on literature and the arts.